Chuck Simpson

I'm a multidisciplinary designer, creative, musician based in the greater Seattle, WA area. I've worked for Simpson Design- the family business, owned by my father Jim Simpson- for the last few years, specializing in marketing and advertising high-end custom sportscars designed and built by my father. I do remote freelance design & recording work for a wide variety of clients both in the Seattle area and across the USA & globe- I've collaborated with artists as far away as Croatia and Japan. As a musician, I've remotely recorded vocals & drums for AAA and Indie game soundtracks and local & national radio advertising.

I've always been comfortable wearing many different hats and seamlessly moving between many different design & creative roles, so whatever your task- product marketing, advertising copy, photography, audio production, need someone to sing on your new album or a radio ad spot, whatever- drop me a line- I'd love to hear about your project & my rates are indie-friendly.