Game Art

Personal Projects

Artist, Designer, UI Designer.

In-game assets & concept art I've made for a whole host of active & defunct personal projects and mockups.

As many of these are pixel art, I strongly suggest clicking the images to view them sharp & crisp at their native resolution in the lightbox! 

Americana Dawn

UI Designer, Design Consultant 2012–2017

Independent game under active development and being localized in Japanese as well as English. I contributed UI design, created styling guides for menus, text boxes, and manipulated the game's many hand-drawn traditional medium assets for use in-game, as well as consulting on writing, mechanics & art direction. I also occasionally contributed a bit of illustration & concept art- quite literally, everything from dogs to dragons. I've studied Japanese on and off for years, so I was set a unique challenge in designing all the menus and interfaces for the game. Though the game's native language is English, I designed all text elements, menus, icons, etc in Japanese first, then adapted them for English to evoke the feeling of a classic Japanese RPG that's been localized for a US audience.