Commission Info

Please read my Terms of Service in its entirety!

Outside of Specials, you can request one of the types below any time.

If you have an idea for something not shown here, please reach out to discuss!

I'm always happy to give quotes for custom commissions.

Please keep in mind, commissions are not first-come-first-served and there are no waiting lists.

All commissions are accepted on a case-by-case basis.

Limited-Time Specials

Often the best opportunities for my commissions are my Limited-Time Specials.

Specials feature super-rare types like Character Redesign, Fashion, Tarot Card, or other brand-new stuff I’m testing out.

Sometimes specials offer discounts on my general commissions.

Follow me on Twitter or +Watch on FurAffinity to find out about these opportunities.

These openings are just once or twice a month, and usually only for 24-48 hours. Good luck!


All commissions are “Safe For Work” (SFW) only.

Almost any anthropomorphic or animal-related characters is acceptable, including robotic or prosthetic elements.

I love to draw characters with fantasy themes, magic users, or anything with a sense of adventure.

Commissions not currently accepted for humans or human-like fantasy races like elves, dwarves, etc.

If you aren’t sure if your character or idea is within the scope of what I draw, please contact me to ask.


I do not ever draw:

Not Safe For Work (NSFW), nudity/visible genitalia, adult themes.

Real life firearms, military gear or related themes.

Gore, excessive blood, serious physical injury.

Drugs, drug use, related symbols and items.

Visibly underage characters, minors.

Political imagery, symbols, flags of real-life nations or organizations, logos of companies, etc.

Very unnatural or impossible body types. Ask if unsure.

Half-Body – $300

Emotive drawing of your character in an exciting pose.

You can request a simple outfit (business attire, athletic wear, fantasy garb, etc), or I can use your character’s existing not-too-complex outfit.

Painted Portrait – $400

Painted bust of your character against an abstract, colorful background.

Full body – $500

Highly detailed full-body pose of your character. May be slightly artfully cropped to create a nice composition.

You can give me an idea for the pose and tell me a bit about your character’s personality.

As these pieces are very detailed, custom outfits are not included. I will draw clothing represented in your references only.

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